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Killing Time: A Statement about Clocks (continued)

What Martha Stewart did to bring accessibility and courage to the average Joe-anna in the kitchen, also reverberated in the art world, or at least the art stores.  Crafting and fine art were largely different genres, and still are to those who have paid their debts and dues…. but what Martha granted in accessibility to home beautifying, by proxy bled into the making of art.  By making things with easy-to-produce-two-step-kits, one can easily mistake the product for art.  Not that there's anything wrong with that!  But the distinction is noteworthy.

This is not written with cynicism, as I take great pleasure in tying a sprig of rosemary to a linen napkin with a colorful piece of yarn to complete a place setting.  However, in March of 2007, upon entry to Michael's Craft Store in Emeryville, a world of hilarious & ironic opportunity opened to me.  Martha's world of easy access had arrived in the form of buttons, scrap-booking, hole-punching. Not only could one just paint-by-number anymore;  Every possible 2-D and 3-D type of art or craft was boiled down to its easiest and most plastic elements for execution by the average citizen.

As one who studied classical fine art in the traditions of the old masters - - it was with a perverse sense of pleasure that I birthed this series of clocks.   Is this kitsch art? Formulaic, excessively sentimental, iconic & commercial?  The Magic 8-Ball says, "Signs point to YES."  So, with thanks and gratitude to Martha, go forth, dear visitor, and enjoy these clocks without reluctance.  Let them tickle your funny bone.  Time's a wastin'.